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The Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator review

Nothing is insignificant in this world. Everything comes to necessity in times of wants. And electricity is the gift of the modern invention that is necessary to all. And we the human being deeply accustomed with an electricity.

So, we never think a single moment without it. But for natural or manmade whatever else we are starving for electricity a lot. Have any alternative to backup this emergency? Yes, it is the generator that converts the mechanical energy to electricity and backup you along run.

This will be the emerged question what types of generators you need to have? And where you can find? Or how you can deal with?​

Well, you don’t need to be tensed. Because where there is a will, there is a way. And in this article, we are solely determined to point out the right one for you. Just keep going with the progressment to this article.​

The Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator Review

Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator review

It could be the way out of the ditch of opposed verity we read every day are solar generators. Our environment is in an alarming condition because of the growing global demand for power increasing carbon dioxide from fossil fuel.

Ultimately we are heading towards a severe energy crisis. On your own two feet at an interval of whether you are seeking to stand on this energy crises or you are looking for an environmental substitute, solar generators are prime to your comprehensive term energy emancipation.​

To achieve the goal of “going green” solar generators are such devices that help you and it makes sense to others how easy and advantageous it can be to convert to sterling forms of energy.​

The Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator is such type of power tools that is eco-friendly to power generate and people are becoming more interested in having one.

The goal zero yeti is a gas free portable generator that keeps on the lights, cell phone, personal PC or Laptop at any kinds of situation.​

What kind of battery is in the yeti 150?

The yeti 150 uses a 12 volt 33Ah AGM Lead Acid battery along with 2x 2.1 amp USB outlet, 12 volts outlet and 300 watts of pure seen Ac inverter.

There are some basic facts about AGM battery. It should be kept full at the entire times. It will be the last longer if you do not flow-out it completely.​

How the yeti 150 charged from?

There are three ways you can charge from your goal zero yeti. First of all, you can charge it from the sun by connecting a compatible solar penal.

Being plugged into a regular wall outlet it can be charged from. And finally, the yeti goal zero also be charged by plugging into a car 12V adapter.​

How do you know your yet 150 charged fully?

There is an LCD battery display which indicates the charged level of yeti 150. When it is glazed up the 5 segments with battery outline is noticed and indicates the current charge level.

By pushing one of the power button you can turn on the battery display and understand whether it is charged or not.​

What does it mean that the yeti 150 is roaring?

The whispering of the yeti seems to be that your battery is low down and need to charge. Plug your yeti into a solar panel as soon as possible to get charged in this situation.​

Is it the battery of yeti 150 is replaceable?

According to the headscarf, yeti 150 generator packs seems to be a 150 Wh and 14000mAh lead acid battery that t is sealed. It is also named after AGM battery. To power your all electrical equipment yeti 150 depends on the advancement of lead acid battery.

Like all the batteries it will make the journey to the graveyard once upon a day. It doesn’t matter and it is lucky for you that you have the chance to replace it.​

What do you know about its design and size that makes it lucrative and handy?

If you consider the design, yeti 150 generator is a great winner according to the customer choice. It has an excellent of color combination between green, black and silver.

It is only 12 lbs or 5.4 kg. It is very handy to carry anywhere because of its travel-friendly shaped as well as longer handle to draw it along.​

How do you find this product along with its charge times?

It may take six hours to forty four hours to charged full based on the various option when you are going for the charged times of the product. It will take only six hours to be charged when you plug it into a wall outlet. But while a car outlet, takes up to 8 hours to be charged.​

Depending on the capacity of the modules, you have varied charging times, for a range of charging times. The list of all recommended solar panels for yeti 150 solar generator are given below for your kind information:​

  • Goal Zero Boulder 90 Solar Panel: it will take 4-8 hours to be charged within the price limit.
  • Goal Zero Escape 30 Briefcase: it will take 11-22 hours to be charged within the price limit.
  • Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panel: it will take 11-22 hours to be charged within the price limit.
  • Goal Zero Boulder 15 Solar Panel: it will take 22-44 hours to be charged within the price limit.
  • Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel: it will take 17-34 hours to be charged within the price limit.
  • Goal Zero Nomad 13 Solar Panel: it will take 26-52 hours to be charged within the price limit.

​Why should you buy Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator?

There are some special criteria that make it your first choice. A stylish look and design also multiple options for charging, highly friendly for outdoor activities, cheaper price, comfortable for multiple solar panels, goal zero yeti power pack, wall charger and 7mm to 8.0 mm legacy nomad power adapter all of this combined make it your first demand and first choice to afford one.​

What is the feature of the product to be explained?

It is goal zero branded and model no is 2204. The battery capacity of this product is 150Wh, 14Ah (12V) whether the solar capacity is equal to 20 W or18-22 V.

It can be charged through AC, 12V and solar. It is 14.5 lbs or 6.5 kg in weight which is ideal for phone, lights, tablet, laptop, DSLR Camera and many other electronic devices. The product dimension refers to 7.8 x 6.8 x 5.8 inches.​

What are advantages of this product?

  • Portable for power supply: it is a fume free, silent and plug and play generator for events or anywhere you need.
  • Easy to carry: for its long handle, it is easy to carry in outdoor activities.
  • Charging portability: it can charge easily from wall, car or sun.
  • Eco-friendly: as it does not produce any fume that is the source of carbon mono oxide and makes the environment free from pollution and green.
  • Warranty:1 years for this product and 6 months for battery.

​What are disadvantages of this product?

Among many of the advantages, there is a cons too, though it is not noticeable. To preserve the battery life lime it needs to charge every three months and battery needed to plug in.

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The yeti 150 is a mini powerhouse to the consumer, has the ability to support for a long run at any sorts of emergency situation.

For home electrical equipment to hospital service all are getting a spontaneous of support this product. So, it can be said that yet 150 is the solid choice from goal zero.​

So far so the yeti is so nice design and very light that it placed on the customers reviews highly in the market that you can rely on it. Besides the goal zero has similar kinds of product based on the budget limit and quality to a customer’s mind given below:​

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1250-240 Portable Off-Grid Kit
  • Goal Zero Yeti 400
  • Goal Zero Yeti 150 Handy Solar and Power Kit
  • Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panel Quad Kit

However, all of these are a quality one, you can afford. According to your budget and for your needs you can have a chance to afford anyone of them easily to review the above description.​

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