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Best Home Generator 2022 – Ultimate Buying Guide with Trusted Review

Well, your search effort would end here, if you were searching for the best home generators 2022. I hope you are looking to have an alternative power source like generators, solar or something else. I have passed the time that you are passing now aiming to pick the best generator.

After finding a machine as my home generator was out of the budget. I learned another lesson and got another question, what’s the best generator for the money? That’s why I tried hard to gather the necessary information about Best Home Generators and publish some reviews. Moreover, I included “The Ultimate Buyers Guide” here to empower probable customers with the right information.

Choosing the perfect generator that matches the requirements for your portable power application is not so hard. So, don’t get bogged down. We are here to give you the main facts that could empower you for making the best buying decision while purchasing a new generator.

A few things you need to know first in order to get a clear conception about Home Generators such as portable, standby, solar or propane powered generators. We hope, every word here will be worth reading and the generator buying guide able to help you most. Here is a sneak peek just before diving into details:

  • Westinghouse | WH5500 5,500 Watt | Gas Powered
  • Champion Power Equipment | 3500 Watts | Gas Powered Portable
  • WEN 56352 | 3000 Watts | Gas Powered Portable
  • DuroStar | 3300 Watts | Gas Powered Portable
  • Honda | 2000 Watt | Inverter

After basic guidelines, a highlighted review about these product has been given. Moreover, you will get necessary home generator reviews that could help you most.

best home generators

The Ultimate Best Home Generator 2022 Buying Guide

It is very essential that you already have a list of factors when you are going to buy a home generator. The list of the factors would work as an indicator to find out the best home generators. Here is a simple but replete list that will show what to look for in a perfect home generator.

The most important thing that you must need to check that the power requirements of the equipment you are going to buy. This Generator Buyer’s Guide will also help you to learn the proper use of a Generator.

  • Power Output
  • Determine Generator Size
  • Fuel: petrol or diesel?
  • Three Phase or Single Phase?
  • Traditional or Inverter?
  • Approximate Power Required for Common Appliances

Power output

Power output is generally measured in watts or KWV. Usually, there are two types of main power measurements for home generators:

  • First startup watts.
  • and then running watts.

First startup watt is also known as peak power.

When you are choosing a home generator, at first you’ll need to select one which can smoothly handle the startup wattage of the equipment that you’re going to power. It’s a rule of thumb that, the startup wattage is mostly around 2-3 times the running wattage of the device. It’s best that you check the manual of the device carefully which you’re going to power for the exact value.

There is a list at the bottom of the guideline that includes approximate values for the running wattage of your common household appliances.

Determine Generator Size

home generator size

Take a few minutes to do the calculation of what size generator you need. If you need to move your machine regularly then a portable generator should be picked. If you need continuous electricity, no power outage is allowed to you then a stand by generator is the desired one for you. If you love green energy then solar generators or home wind generators should be selected. Best propane generators reviews could help you most.

Actually, size depends on how many appliances do you have to run with generator power. You can use a power calculator to calculate this or you may do it manually from the list given at the bottom of this guideline.

Fuel: petrol or diesel?

petrol or diesel generator

Most of the portable generators in the market run on petrol, however, it’s worth looking at diesel model generators as well. Generally, diesel engines are harder to start and a little bit expensive than the petrol generator. Most important thing is, they are last longer, particularly with continuous use. Another fact that, diesel is going to be cheaper to run because of lower fuel costs. This advantage is for larger models.

We generally recommend using a conditioner with diesel fuel because it stops growing fungus. It also prevents degrading the quality as well. This actually happens naturally. You can check the best diesel generators review to get further information.

Three Phase or Single Phase?

Often larger commercial operations require three phase power, so they need a three phase generator. For our most common household appliances runs by single phase power. So, pick the most appropriate single phase generator for your household appliances out of the best home generators. They are suitable for small businesses too.

Traditional or Inverter?

Inverter technology turns these models into the perfect ones for powering sensitive household electronics like TVs, computers, microwaves, Freeze etc. Actually, they produce a smooth and clean sine wave of electricity that makes the assurance that there will no power surges.

Traditional generators usually run at full speed. It never measures or considers how much power actually you need. At this point, an inverter technology uses a self-governing smart throttle that is able to adjust when you turn your light on or any other appliance. That means you saved fuel. Inverter technology is quiet and runs smoothly. It is better for the environment as well.

Approximate Power Required for Common Appliances

Here is the list that provides you approximate values for the running wattage of your common household appliances:

Remember again, your generator must have enough power output in order to handle the startup wattage (approx 2 to 3 times the values below)

Common Appliances and Outdoor Power Tools Chart

AppliancesPower Req.AppliancesPower Req.
Clothes Dryer4000WIron1000W
Electric Oven2000WDishwasher1200 – 3600W
Microwave600 – 1500WStove Range800W
Heater150 – 2000WVacuum200 – 800W
Electric Frying Pan1200WFridge/Freezer200 – 700W
Toaster800 – 1500WComputer + Monitor100 – 400W
Blow Hair Dryer1000WTelevision100 – 450W
Coffee Maker800WElectric Blanket200W
Washing Machine500WBlender350W
Sewing Machine100WShaver15W
Laptop50WLight Bulb18 – 60W
Outdoor Power Tools
10″ Bench Saw1500WElectric Mower1500W
Hedge Trimmer450WWeed Eater500W
Drill330WBelt Sander380W

What Other Factors You Should Consider?

Here are some additional important factors that you need to look deeply in order to pick the best generator. All these features vary depending on the application.

Noise level

Must look for the dBA (decibel) rating while choosing the generator. It’s an important for recreational applications, for silent home backup generators, moreover where needs a quiet commercial operation.

Must concentrate on the capacity of the fuel tank and the usage of fuel liters per hour. You should choose a generator that is quite fuel efficient and without constant refueling you able to see the required tasks.

Weight and portability

When you need to move your generator then choose a lightweight model. If need larger model but still you need to move, then check additional features such as handle kits and wheels. To make maneuverability easy don’t forget about lifting bars.

Electric Remote Start

In the circumstances, where you don’t like or have no scope to walk out to power on your generator set then this capability can help most.

Automatic start

Sometimes you need this feature. Actually, this ‘two-wire’ feature allows your generator to start and stop automatically when the mains power fails, It also works when a home solar power battery setup requires an automatic topping up. In an Automatic generator has all feature.

Safety Features

This feature can be a key consideration especially in some worksites where work-cover Approved generators are required. Including Weatherproof Outlets and Earth Leakage Protection as well.

Cheap or Premium Brand Generator

For a limited number of applications; the budget brand generators option is infrequent. Premium brand pays the election for most requirements.

Best Home Generators 2022 Reviews

There are many home generators over the market with different styles and shapes. Each model has some unique features or strengths that could attract viewers and force visitors to think beneficial.  Here we picked the 5 best home generators from different types in order to help you pick the best generator.

Westinghouse WH5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Westinghouse WH5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Westinghouse generators are built in the USA and they have been manufactured and designed to give you trouble free service for years. This Westinghouse WH5500 is a powerful generator is competent for delivering 5500 watts of continuous output. It can surge up to 6750 watts making it an ideal generator. It equips with a powerful 357cc engine which runs at 3600 rpm. It has also a smooth recoil start.

Westings always use quality components in their engines like forged pistons and cast iron cylinder sleeves. Their overhead valve design means it has better efficiency and increased power. Maybe this is the most efficient engine you have ever found in a generator.

WS5500 is surprisingly the quiet generator because in here their Pulse-flo muffler excels at suppressing noise. In WS generator you will have a toolkit with everything you need to maintain the unit. Its full enclosed electrical connections will never let anything dirty up the outlets. Though the WH5500 is not CARB compliant, but this model is CARB compliant and is available in California.

Highlighted Features

  • Originally from USA
  • A powerful 4 stroke OHV 357cc engine
  • An automatic voltage regulator system
  • A pulse flo muffler, for quiet operation
  • A large 6.6 gallon fuel tank, runs for 40hs at 50% capacity
  • 2 type receptacle: L14-30R twist lock receptacles and 2 sets of duplex L-520R receptacles
  • Running watts 5500 and starting watts 6750
  • It comes with the funnel, oil and a tool kit
  • It has an all street construction
  • Also, has full enclosed electrical connections


  • LCD hour run time meter, to know status
  • Compared with other generators, very quiet
  • Features an automatic voltage regulated system, regulates the voltage
  • Starts easily, taken no trouble
  • Very efficient fuel running, 14 hours at 50% capacity
  • Amazing 3 years warranty
  • Easy to move around, because of solid 10-inch wheel with handle


  • A little bit heavy, but typical for this size of genie
  • It does not have an hour meter

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Champion Power Equipment 3500 Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Champion Power Equipment 3500 Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

Today it is perfectly possible to continue our normal life without light with the help of a power outage. There is a lot of gas power portable generator available in the market today but our aim is to buy the best one. Recently I have owned a gas power portable generator named “Champion Power Equipment 46539 Portable Generator Review”.

Champion Power Equipment 46539 Portable Generator comes with a residential design 4-stroke 196cc OHV engine. It helps to produce power for a very long time. This great portable generator is designed for high fuel efficiency. Its gas tank is built with highly durable steel to prevent any leakage. A single full tank of 4-gallon can last more than 12 hours with 50% load capacity.

This great generator is built tough with a pair of 8-inch all terrain wheel kits. So it can roll anywhere even at the rough surface. The handles greatly add to your portability to move on. Champion Power Equipment 46539 Portable Generator is comparatively more quiet than any other generator. The noise level is acceptable. You need not raise your voice while standing next to the generator.

The remote control power system is the most innovative and attractive feature. It can spoil you because you need not go near the generator to start off or on manually. It is considered an ideal portable generator for outdoor activities.

Feature Highlights:

4000 surge watts and 3500 watts for continuous power Modern design and solid construction with 196cc OHV engine Electric remote control start work for 12 hours on a full tank of gas at 50% load 120V, 60HZ frequencies single phase AC outlets and one RV receptacle Automated choke feature for a quick start, intelligauge low oil level sensor for engine protection Owns a low fuel consumption, undoubtedly it is a plus point Low noise device, loudness of 69 dB at 23 feet which is totally acceptable.


  • Remote control start/off system, control up to 80 feet away
  • Features CARB compliant, as it is available in all 50 states of America
  • Weight is perfectly manageable
  • Extreme durable, 2-years of warranty


  • The draining with a siphon may take some time, it’s a minor issue though
  • Particularly looking for a portable generator, this might not be a good choice

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WEN 3000 Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

WEN 3000 Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

If you are looking for an all-purpose portable electric generator, take a look at WEN 56352 Portable Generator Review. WEN 56352 is an excellent choice for a mid-powered portable generator. The foldable handles and wheel kit adds more flexibility to carry it on easily.

Its 212cc engine produces 3500 running watts of 25amps at each 120v plug. Engine operation is very smooth. The power indicator light informs you of the updated status of the receptacles. If needed you can also add power cords and set your circuit reset buttons for avoiding overloading of the generator.

This fine generator is outlined with a decent fantastic steel development and tough connections. It has an automatic low oil shutdown to protect the engine. Its awesome digital readout helps you to manage oil changes and maintenance schedules.

With a help of WEN 56352 Portable Generator, you can easily cover a full size fridge, sump pump, and a small portable air conditioner or microwave. However, this power is also sufficient for recreational use, powering cabins or job side emergency electricity.

Feature Highlights:

Compact size, dimension: 2feet long and 1-½ feet wide 4 gallon full tank of gas, run up to 11 hours at half loads DC ability-cigarette lighter type, to charge battery Voltage indicator light Fully loaded panel, 120v/240v 30 Amp twist lock 212cc engine 3500 surge watts and 3000 rated watts Programmed low oil turn off Foldable handles and wheel kit, for easy transport Noise rating at 22 feet 67 dB.


  • Medium weight 104lbs, Making it easily movable
  • Dual voltage capability 120/240V, to save power
  • Relatively low noise than other model
  • Handy size, easily stored and transportable
  • Digital run time meter, to update the status
  • Large gas tank, durable
  • Automatic shutoff function if the oil is low


  • A sad issue about this generator is non-CARB compliant/ not for sale in California
  • Unfortunately, does not have a wattage meter on the unit

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DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered Portable Generator Review

durostar ds4000s

The DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator is mid weight, compact and fuel efficient with 4000 starting watts. It features a power panel with a voltmeter, power outlets and circuit breaker. This generator makes a good emergency generator size and you will feel the importance of it’s once it comes to your house.

Durostar DS4000S is a gas powered generator containing a 7HP overhead valve (OHV), air cooled 4-cycle engine. Obviously, this engine benefits lower fuel consumption and cleaner fuel burn and it also not requires any two stroke expensive oil. The gas tank holds 4 gallons of regular unleaded fuel. If you are planning to use it for a long period, fill it to capacity, so it can run about 8 hours at ½ load easily a day.

DuroStar always made by Duropower. With the additional all great power tools, the weight is fine. It weighs 94 lbs adding gas more than 24 pounds. You require a truck or couple of strong guys to move it. The sound will never bother you to use it for recreational or corporate use at home or camping.

Feature Highlights:

7.0 horsepower air cooled engine Includes two 3-prong outlets, supply power Outlet runs on 120 volts 20 amps Runs 8 hours constantly at 50% load weight is manageable, 90 pounds 30 amp 120 volt outlet for power tool 4-stroke OHV single cylinder with air cooling system Auto low oil shutdown feature EPA approved.


  • Easy start and operate system
  • warning light, to get alert
  • Efficient 7-HP 4-cycle engine, supplying more power
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • An adequate 120v power system with 2-duplex plug and twist lock receptacle
  • Fuel gauge is convenient, easy to read
  • Available optional wheel kit
  • Good price with the power ration, a lot of power for the money


  • Unfortunately, it is not CARB compliant
  • Not contain a 240v or DC power

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Honda 2000 Watts Super Quiet Inverter Generator Review

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator

This great inverter generator is made in Japan. And Japanese super made products are always favorite in the market. If you are looking for a natural, lightweight portable generator, nothing will be comparable with Honda EU2000I Generator with other additional value.

Honda has always been one of the popular choices in the generator market. Every time it comes with a compact size with great functional advantages. The generator is run on gasoline and it contains 1.1 gallons of oil in its tank. In a day it can run easily 4 hours straight at full capacity and for 9.5 hours at ¼ capacity.

This popular generator has two AC outlets and one DC outlet. It shuts itself and down when it is low on oil to avoid malfunctions. The great generator contains the ideal run time. It runs up to 9.6 hours on a full tank in an inverter system.

This is the actual ideal run time for a portable generator needed for overnight camping. Moreover, you will find it a very light weight. Even it doesn’t emit much noise comparing other diesel generators.

Feature Highlights:

  • Originally from Japan
  • Maximum power 2000 watts/16.7 amps @120v
  • Made of advanced inverter technology
  • Eco-Throttle system
  • Efficient fuel storage-runs up to 9.6 hrs on 1.1 gal
  • Low noise, 50 dB at rated load 53 dB at ¼ load
  • Weighs only 45 pound


  • Easy to transport, only 45 pounds
  • Inverter owns advanced technology, to run more hours
  • Comparatively low noise, honda engines are always super quiet
  • Its run time up to 9.6 hours on a full tank, ideal run time
  • Eco-Throttle system, great fuel efficiency
  • 3-years residential warranty
  • Additional features- Circuit protected, protected by oil alert, USDA qualified spark Muffler


  • Doesn’t have an electric start like most other newer models. Starting it up, you still need to crank it up and choke it
  • As a Japanese well-made product, it is not that affordable. But with its durability and reliability, the price worth it.

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Must Needed Safety Tips

Here are a few basic tips described below. But it’s very important job; consulting the operator manual and Maintenance Generator in order to get a full list of the safety precautions.

  • Ensure that your generator is placed properly on a level surface.
  • Please don’t run your home generator inside your home or in any poorly ventilated areas. Carefully avoid running your machine near doors, windows, and other openings places from where exhaust can easily enter indoors.
  • Don’t expose the machine to excessive dirt, moisture, or dust.
  • Must keep your generator at a safe distance from pilot lights, open flames or anything sparky.
  • Never overfill the fuel tank. Never try to fill up the generator while it’s working or still hot after recent use.
  • Avoid connecting a generator directly to home’s wiring. You need to hire an electrician to do this and get them to install the transfer switch.
  • Make sure using of heavy duty extension cords to plug your appliances into the generator. Or you may connect the machine to a power-transfer switch.
  • Never overload a generator.

Types of Home Generator

The Traditional power grid becoming less reliable day by day over the world. It’s a common scene that a power outage is now bound to occur last longer and more frequently. Noone like to sitting in the dark, eating a canned meal or sweating without his/her air conditioner. So, we could try to own a home generator even it’s it seems high budget to us. Take a look here to pick the best home generators matches with your budget and requirement. However, here you can expect similar things that could help you, what is described below:

Actually, we picked here 4 types of Home Generator to describe:

Portable Generators

portable generator for camping reviews

Portable Generators are the smallest category in the generator family. Hand portable generators can supply you several hundred watts of power. If we specify according to most instances, then we can mark the range of portable generators within 600 to 9000 watts. This type of Generators can run on propane, gasoline, or natural gas. After providing fuel and turning the machine on, it will produce power at its receptacles that on the generator.

In order to get power, you need to use extension cords of commercial grade as well from the receptacle to appliances directly. Generally, portable generators also may require an external power conditioner in order to safely operate some types of your electronic equipment.

If you check the best small portable generators review, it would help you to get the perfect one for your purpose.

Standby Generators

best standby generator

A standby generator is a popular backup electrical system that can operate automatically without any manual command. An automatic transfer switch can sense the power loss, and then commands the machine to turn on. Finally, it transfers the required electrical load to the generator according to its capacity. The whole process occurs within seconds of any utility outage.

These generators, usually sit outside of our home and hook into the actual electrical grid that we have at home. It will monitor the electrical supply of your home automatically. If there any interrupt, the standby generator comes out and supplies power.

Now the question is, all the standby generator should set on outside of the home? Nope, it depends on the design and the ratings of your generator.  It burns typically propane or natural gas. Check details about standby generator on WikiPedia.

Solar Generators

best solar generator

If your household power going green, what do you feel? If anyone likes to limit carbon emissions in order to protect the environment, then nothing will found beneficial or exciting as a solar Generator. People who is living in an apartment, rental homes or a flat, this type of generators are the Best Home Generator for them.

They never retreat with you and simply provide up to 2000 watts of power during a power outage or whenever you need. You should look for daylight solar panels instead of direct sun panels to get the best output from this category.

With a proper setup of your solar generator, you could go finally off of the grid; it will use the energy directly from the sun to create respective power independently. The Best Rated Solar Powered Generators Reviews can help you most to find out the best generator that meets your needs!

Home Wind generators

What do you think about generating your own electricity? Don’t think it’s quite impossible or out or range. Home wind power is able to change your mind. As a green energy project for your, home wind

best home wind generators

The generator is the perfect matched kit. Using a hybrid wind & a solar system is going to turn it more consistent green energy system indeed. You have two more options: the wind only, or you may have the wind and solar. The small wind generator turbines are now popping up in all communities over the world, mostly USA, Canada and Australia. The rooftop turbine is safe and quiet for home electricity.

No building permit is required to set your rooftop turbine. Any weather it just keeps making required green energy for your home.

Home wind turbine kits able to keep spinning in unfavorable weather even heavy snow and ice during the winter. It’s a safe and perfect renewable own electricity project who loves green energy. If you check the best home wind generators reviews, it could help you most to know more details.


There are many generators, but all of them are not the desired machine that you are looking for. We take the definition of ‘best generator’ as the best match machine that meets your needs. Now the question is, how to find out the best home generators? After completing this whole content, we believe you know the factors that should consider before purchasing the best generators for the money.

Not enough? Well, then you should read some true reviews from the real users thought online to get the background story of every home generator. Especially spend a few moments to check the customer reviews details, where users are talking about their after purchase experience.

Our best home generators reviews could help you to find out the best standby generators, best natural gas generators, best diesel generators, best propane generators, best home wind generators or Honda generators. The bottom line suggestion is, don’t forget to learn safety tips before purchasing your machine as a home generator.

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