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How to Build a Free Energy Generator at Home

Building a generator that produces free electricity sounds exciting, RIGHT? You can do it too.

But How to build a free energy generator at home?

You can build a free energy generator at home using permanent magnets. Connect two magnets with a DC motor and link it with two coils made with copper wires.

Use a battery to trigger the magnets to rotate and generate electricity.

It’s a complicated process and tough to explain only with a few sentences. Continue reading till the end to know how to build a free energy generator by yourself at home.

How to Build a Free Energy Generator at Home

Is it possible to make a free energy generator?

A free energy generator is a type of generator that can produce electricity without any input. You can use the generator to turn on lights and other electrical appliances that require low electricity.

But is it possible to make a free energy generator?

Yes, It is possible to make a free energy generator at home. However, nothing on earth is absolutely free, and here also you need to invest a little bit.

If you are looking for a method to produce electricity out of nothing and that is completely free, I will suggest you not waste your time. Most sites claiming to make such generators are lying.

You do not need any power from the electrical line to make this generator, and that’s mainly why people call it a free energy generator.

If you want to learn how to build such a generator at home, stay with us.

How a free energy generator is made?

You can make a free energy generator using a permanent or NEODYMIUM Generator. Placing two generators against each other and making them rotate will produce electricity.

There are two types of MAGNETS that we use for ELECTRICAL works.

  • Electromagnets create magnetic fields when the current supply is on.
  • A permanent magnet that has a built-in magnetic property and is able to create a magnetic field without a current supply.

I will use permanent magnets to build a free energy generator. These magnets are mainly used in DC motors, and will be following the same principle.

How to build a free energy generator at home (Step by step solution)

Building a free energy generator at home is not as difficult as you would have thought. It requires following some simple steps with full attention.

Before you start building a free energy generator, ensure you have the following items ready:

Tools/MaterialsCheck for details
PVC PipeClick here
Pipe CapClick here
Copper WireClick here
PVC BoardClick here
DC MotorClick here
Permanent MagnetClick here
Wood PieceClick here
SwitchClick here
Switch boxClick here
BatteryClick here
ScrewsClick here

After you have all the things ready, follow the steps below:

How to Cut pipes in size

First, cut the pipes to make coils. Cut two 50mm pipes into 2inches each. A normal hacksaw blade will do the cutting job perfectly fine. You can use CRAFTSMAN Hacksaw, which works excellent for cutting different materials.

You also can use two PVC couplings to avoid cutting. NIBCO PVC couplings will be perfect for the job. Make sure to use pipe caps on both edges of the pipes to prevent coiling from slipping out.

How to Roll copper wire

Now start rolling the copper wire you have on the pipes. Leave a few inches of the wire for making connections and start rolling. Gradually cover the whole area on the pipe and do not leave any space.

Note: DON'T roll on top of the wires.

After you finish rolling, keep a few inches of the copper wire also here. You will need to cut the wires after rolling, and IRWIN Diagonal Cutting Pliers is perfect for that. Rub all four wire ends with the pliers a little to heat them.

How to Set the coils on the PVC board

You need to stick the two coils on top of a PVC board. Drill both edges of the coils for inserting nuts. Also, make a few drills on the board to fit the coils there. You can use Black Decker Drill for drilling. 

Make sure you leave some space between two coils; that’s because there we will be placing the magnets. After completing drilling, put the coils on the board, insert the nuts and tighten.

Ensure they fit properly and then move on to the next step. 

How to Connect permanent magnets with DC motor

Now connect the two permanent magnets while keeping the DC motor between to make a connection.

When you touch the shaft on the magnet, they will stick together. Around the other side, stick some papers with glue. Then place the other magnet on top to join them together. 

Ensure that the DC motor shaft touches both magnets without any disturbance from the paper.

Meanwhile, prepare a 2×1″ piece of wood.

Then place the DC motor on the wood piece. Use the extra copper wire to hold the motor on wood well.

After that, put the wood piece with a DC motor on the PVC board with coils. Place the piece in a way so that the magnets fall between the coils.

Then screw the wood piece on the board to make the connection stronger.

Add two wires with a DC motor at the end of this step. Use a soldering iron for a better connection. If you do not have one, you can get Plusivo Soldering Iron Kit

How to Add a switch box

A switch box will allow you to use the electricity that the generator produces. Screwing it on the PVC better is the most convenient way of using the box.

Now keep the box on the board, and take the upper part where the switches are out.

Insert the wires from the coils and the DC motor into the box. Take one copper wire from each of the coils and spire them together. You will have two copper wire connections from the coil and two wires from the DC motor.

Take one wire from the DC motor and one from the copper wire and spire the edges. Now you have two-wire connections. Connect one with the switch and another with the socket.

Then join the switches with the box and screw them for FIXING.

How to Start magnet rotation

Most of the work has been done to make the free energy generator. Now you need to trigger the magnet for rotating with a 9v BATTERY to generate electricity. 

Although we are making a free energy generator, we are using a battery because we already told you that it is not possible to make absolute free energy.

So, we are making a FREE energy Generator.

First, attach two wires on both the positive and negative connection of the battery. Then take the battery close to the DC motor.

Take the other end of the wires that are connected to the battery and touch them with the DC motor connection.

When you connect one side, nothing will happen. As soon as you join both the connections, the magnets, and the coils will start rotating fast.

Now the free energy generator is generating electricity for free. Remove the battery, and the generator will keep working.

How to Test Your Generator

The magnets are rotating; does that mean they are generating electricity?

You need to do testing in the final step to be sure. Get a charger and plug it into the SOCKET. Can you try to charge your phone, I hope it should be charging! Let me know in the COMMENT.

Use of the free energy generator

This is a pretty small free energy generator, and you can not run big machines with it. You may think, what’s the worth of going through the trouble then? There are some usage of the free energy generator, including:

  • Lighting
  • Charging phones
  • Running small electric appliances.

These were some of the basic application areas for the free energy generator. You are getting free electricity, so even a little bit is enough. 

Is it cheaper to generate your own power?

Generating your own power is always cheaper compared to an electricity connection. You need to have access to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or running water to build your own power. Solar power has become widely popular as it is the easiest way to generate electricity.

What is the cheapest way of generating electricity?

After conducting multiple studies, it has been found that solar power is the cheapest way of generating electricity. Compared to coal, gas, and other methods, solar power can give you electricity at a minimal cost.

If you are thinking of generating electricity with a DIY project, then solar power is probably the best option.

Is it illegal to create free energy?

It is not illegal to create free energy. Property owners are free to use their property for productive purposes. Creating free energy reduces the demand for electricity and results in social welfare.

That’s why if you want to create free energy on your property, you are free to do it. 

Final Words

I hope you have understood how to make a free energy generator at home. If you are new and don’t have basic electrical & tecnical skills, Please learn more about it.

I have written all of this in a short way, I suggest to watch some videos, Read others articles.

If you are confident and have all the tools I have mentioned; You can give a try. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU WORK.


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