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How To Perform Home Generator Maintenance

It is better to dress warm and eat healthy than it is to take costly medications and keep the bed once you have caught a bad cold. It is almost the same logic applies to generators and other appliances.

Generator maintenance is the key concern to prepare you for a power outage or any other emergency. The longer it will function, the better the maintenance with or without repairs needed.​

Systematic generator maintenance will make you sure that your alternator will work when disaster strikes. Let’s go over some common considerations about how to perform home generator maintenance.​

Generator Maintenance Procedure List

For most homeowners, one of the most valued pieces of equipment is their home electric generator. Whether portable or permanently installed, generators seem to be the best choice in times of power outages.​

Summer storms or severe winter can often down power lines, and that is when a home generator will be most user-friendly to have.​

For standby generator maintenance schedule follow these simple maintenance steps:

Lubricating System

From the lubricating system first check for any leaks and repair as needed as a part of standby generator maintenance checklist. As prescribed by your manufacturer or after heavy use replace your oil filter.

After heavy use or as recommended by the manufacturer’s specifications drain oil and replace with proper viscosity oil.​

Fuel System

In your fuel system check for any leaks. Repair and drain as needed. Replace them as needed according to the condition of fuel filters.

In sediment tanks check for excess sediment and clean as needed. Investigate the throttle linkage for complication or inappropriate functioning. Replace or Adjust as needed.​

Exhaust System

Always go for checking the exhaust system and repair as needed. Check all hoses, risers and brackets for correct function and fit. If needed make a replace or repair.​

To find out the cracks or leakage inspect the exhaust manifold. And make the replace or repair. For tears, leaks or disrepair inspect any thermo blankets and make a replace.​

​Cooling System

To look for the front end for leakage inspect the water pump and make a replacement. To maintain a coolant level and condition check the cooling system and you can replace or add if needed.​

Investigate the cooling system tension and belt condition. Pay deep look to any tears or cracks. Replace as needed.

For cooling system belt tensions make a double check and adjust it. For cracks or bulges Investigate all cooling system hoses and Replace as needed. Yearly replace the radiator cap.​

Air Intake System

Always go for the investigation of your air intake air filter element. Replace it with a new one if it is not free of debris and clean. Inspect all connectors and air intake piping.

They should be free of blockage and clean. Yearly or after heavy use replace any crankcase breathers.​

Base Engine System

Make an investigation to check the engine mounts. These are not only solid and but functioning too. If need make a replace. Execute a condensation test.

Use your manual of the manufacturer to get exact psi readings for the cylinders. Low compression seems to be a sign of low maintenance.​

Electrical System

Make an inspection of your alternator connections. These should be free of corrosion and clean. If needed make replace or clean.​

All ground wires also need to check out. Functioning grounds and Maintain clean. Appeal of anti-corrosion spray is desirable.​

In case of an emergency shut-off situation the isolation or battery kill switch should be in perfect working order. Make an inspection and check the function of the switch. If needed make a replacement.​

Check out the condition of your battery. To surmise the condition of the battery uses a battery tester. If needed adding a distilled water and test the battery terminals. Keep them free of corrosion and make it clean.​

Additional Consideration of Standby Generator Maintenance Contract

  • Servicing the generator twice a year. It should service even if you are not using the generator. Opt for dates that decline outside probable acute weather such as cold snaps, heat spells, stormy and windy periods etc.
  • I normally suggest customers to service their generators in fall times and the spring to keep it on an ordinary schedule.
  • When the time comes chances are your generator will not work if you keep pushing off the maintenance. 
  • Depending on what you look for an average service takes about an hour to complete.
  • Keep a record book for your generator maintenance procedure. Always make an update to your record book with the dates of service and any issues found and fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are main reasons for a generator failing?

A: It may have overheated or it may be out of fuel. There may be dirt clogging the fuel line, carburetor or fuel supply tank. You may need to replace the spark plug or oil. The unit also may trip a circuit breaker or have simply come unplugged.​

Q: How to detect my generator is under low current supply?

Detect the amperage panel meter.​

Q: What charges the battery?

Running it normally charges the battery to a portable generator. Get it start in the fall and to make the battery charged to run it often. On an entire house unit, the battery is charged either by running it. Or by current that comes from household electricity. 10 minutes of exercise once a week keeps the lubrication up.​

Final Words

A generator comes to you as a handy item for various purposes. These are including regulate life support equipment; providing emergency power to your home, provide power in remote areas also it can even reduce your electricity costs.​

That is why you generator does need regular maintenance and check. And I hope after reviewing this article you will able to get a clear idea about how to perform home generator maintenance.​

If you have any idea or any concern to regarding on these topics that will facilitate this process over home standby generator maintenance; informed us without any hesitation.

It will be a great pleasure to us to answer you and your queries. Visit here at online to learn more.​

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