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Why Are Best Portable Generator Enclosures So Important?

Whether you have a portable or inverter generator, you might have noise problems while running this machine that can make your outdoor party annoying. Besides, harsh weather conditions are a major concern when setting up a portable generator for outdoor festivity. 

List of Portable Generator Enclosures


IGAN Generator Tent Running Cover, Ultra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Enclosure – Quality of this Enclosure is Exceptional. Easy to install also they provide Great Customer Service.
  1. IGAN Generator Covers While Running – 100% Waterproof Generator Tent
  2. Parts World USA Rain Shelter Enclosure – Portable Generator
  3. GenTent Generator Running Cover
  4. Champion Storm Shield Severe Weather Portable Generator Cover
  5. ZTTXL Small Inverter Generator Tent Running Cover – Ultra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Enclosure
  6. ZTTXL Generator Tent Running Cover – Ultra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Enclosure
  7. Suncast 5′ x 3′ Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Shed
  8. Lifetime 60103 Deck Storage Box, 80 Gallon
  9. Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed

Now the big concern is how can I adhere to the noise problem or protect my generator from harsh weather?  

You might have a different solution. To me, choosing the best portable generator enclosures is one of the key solutions to reduce noise and protect it from Bad weather. 

But what are the best portable generator enclosures out on the market and why are these so important? Don’t worry!!!

Today, we will discuss everything about portable generator enclosures and suggest some of the top-line enclosures for your portable generator. 

portable generator enclosure

What can I use to cover my portable generator?

Generators are indeed decade-changing innovations and alternatives to electricity supply. It can make indoor and outdoor parties enjoyable and memorable, especially when it comes to power outages. But when it comes to outdoor parties, What kind of generator is the best fit? 

Among many other choices, a portable generator is the best solution for outdoor parties

But there is a risk while using this power supply alternative for outside celebrations. Risk means environmental hazards.

Both rain and snow can ruin your generator. 

Now, what’s the solution? 

The best solution in this situation is to cover the beast with something for protection. Covering your generator can save it from wet and stormy conditions. 

You can try several solutions to cover your portable generator. Following are some of the best ways to cover your generators:

Generator enclosure

Generator enclosures are one of the best options to cover generators, especially the portable ones. They not only protect your generator from harsh weather conditions but also reduce noise.

You may find plenty of generator enclosures available in the market at reasonable prices. We will talk about them later in the article.

Generator covers

Specially made generator covers or tents are widely available in the market. They usually come with a frame and a waterproof cover.

These covers are quite good to protect portable generators in bad weather, including rain, storm, and snowfall. We know about some affordable covers, which we will discuss after a few more points.

DIY tents/enclosures

Don’t you want to invest in market products? You also can make these enclosures or covers at home.

Steel, plywood, cardboard, PVC board, and waterproof fabrics are some of the best materials to make generator tents or enclosures.

Using a portable generator without any protection is risky. It can cause malfunction or reduce the lifespan of the generator. Try to follow one of the methods above to protect your portable generator.

Can I enclose a portable generator?

Yes, you can enclose a portable generator. It’s indeed a necessity to protect it from hurricane or blizzard conditions and reduce noise.

You will find enclosures that are made of heat-safe and sturdy materials, for example, steel. 

Plastic made enclosures are also available on the market but sometimes they can deform or melt if the generator becomes too hot. 

Caution: You need to be careful about what you are using because generators need air circulation to function well. Or else it can get heat and lead to catastrophic situations.

Types of Portable Generator Enclosures

Generator enclosures come in various styles and types. All the enclosures have their own purposes and benefits. You can get one that best suits your requirements.

Following are some of the most common types of generator enclosures:

Soundproof baffle box

If your generator makes loud noises, a soundproof baffle box can be the best solution. They are also popular as sound-attenuating boxes and designed in a way to reduce sounds.

Soundproof baffle boxes use different sound-absorbing materials such as medium density fiberboard, foam moats, mass loaded vinyl, etc.

DIY wooden shed

You can create your own wooden shed generator enclosure at home. Try to use good quality woods with sealant to make it waterproof.

Don’t forget to leave some holes for air circulation. A wooden shed with a sliding door or lids can be convenient to use.

Steel enclosure

You also can use galvanized steel sheets to make a generator enclosure. These are sturdy and work excellent to protect generators from rains and snow.

However, the steel can get hot while running the generator. A proper ventilation system will protect both the generator and the enclosure.

Concrete block shelter

An enclosure made with concrete blocks is one of the best methods to protect your generator from bad weather while reducing the sound.

The only downside of the concrete block shelter is that it is not portable. If you are using the generator only at home, then building a concrete structure can be the best solution for you.

Best Types of Portable Generator Enclosures

It’s essential to use the best portable generator enclosures to ensure your generator stays fine for a long time. There are many enclosures available in the market, but not all are worth your money.

We have narrowed the list to ten to save you from the hassle.

IGAN Generator Tent Running Cover, Ultra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Enclosure

IGAN Generator Tent Running Cover

IGAN is quite popular in the market for selling high-quality generator accessories. This tent cover is excellent for protecting your generator in bad weather.

It has a strong metal frame with a tarpaulin cover. Frame the generator first and then cover it. Assembling and using the generator enclosure is pretty convenient.

Dimensions (in): 33 x 25.5 x 18.5

Weight (lbs): 9.97

Materials: Steel frame & tarpaulin cover.

Best fit: 3500W – 12000W

Things we liked

  • Weather protection: The cover performed well in 80mph wind with heavy snow. It stays in good condition after using overnight at low temperature.
  • Perfect fit: The frame and cover fit most generators perfectly.
  • Durable: IGAN used high-grade materials in this cover, and the velcro straps are pretty strong and will last long

Things need improvement

  • Color fading: The color may fade sooner if regularly exposed to rain and sunny weather.

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IGAN Generator Covers While Running, 100% Waterproof Generator Tent

IGAN Generator Covers While Running, 100% Waterproof Generator Tent

This generator tent is another choice from IGAN which is quite similar to the previous one with some minor differences. It comes in grey color, is a little bit heavier but cheaper.

The ventilation system of the cover is quite good, and you can run your generator under the cover without any worry. In addition, steel pipes with ⅝” diameter ensure long-lasting  performance. 

Dimensions(in): ‎33 x 25.5 x 18.5

Weight(lbs): 13.47

Materials: Steel frame & tarpaulin cover.

Best fit: 3500W – 12000W

Things we liked

  • Well structured: The structure of the enclosure is perfect and fits most generators well.
  • Easy folding: The clips and velcro makes it easier to fold and give a convenient user experience.
  • Excellent customer support: You can contact customer support prior to purchasing to ensure the cover will fit your generator. Even if it doesn’t work after purchase, inform the support team, and they will send a new frame.

Things need improvement

  • Decent steel pipe: The steel pipe used in the frame could be sturdier.

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Parts World USA Rain Shelter Enclosure for Portable Generator

Parts World USA Rain Shelter Enclosure for Portable Generator

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of framing, Parts World’s Rain Shelter Enclosure is the perfect option for you. Its high-quality waterproof fabric protects generators from rain.

Additionally, nine tie-downs are added to keep the cover in place during storms and heavy wind. Multiple modes are available, including rain shelter, dry mode, and storage mode.

Dimensions (in): ‎34 x 26 x 26

Weight (lbs): 8.73

Materials: Vinyl

Best fit: 3500W – 12000W

Things we liked

  • Portability: Its frameless design makes it easy to carry around.
  • Easy fueling: You can easily remove the whole top part for refueling. As the whole top can be removed, it won’t matter where the fuel inlet is.
  • Weatherproof fabric: The fabric protects the generator from all weather conditions. We especially like the heat-resistant inner fabric that keeps the generator cool in summer.

Things need improvement

  • User manual: The user manual may seem a little bit tough to understand for new users.

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GenTent Generator Running Cover

GenTent Generator Running Cover

GenTent’s generator enclosure comes with an open frame design that fits generators with different structures. Three layers of high-quality fabric ensure that your generator stays fine in every weather condition.

Its vented top cap gives some space for air circulation. The manufacturer claims the fabric is flame-retardant and can withstand winds up to 70mph.

Dimensions (in): 35.04 x 18.11 x 24.02

Weight (lbs): 5.5

Materials: Polyester & vinyl

Best fit: 3000W – 10000W

Things we liked

  • Easy to assemble: The enclosure is easy to assemble even for people who are using generator cover for the first time.
  • Lightweight: It is pretty lightweight compared to other generator enclosures in the market. You can carry it comfortably anywhere you want.
  • Long-lasting: Polyester scrim and marine-grade vinyl fabrics perform up to the mark and provide long-lasting performance.

Things need improvement

  • Plastic brackets: Brackets are made of plastic, which is fragile.

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Champion Storm Shield Severe Weather Portable Generator Cover

Champion Storm Shield Severe Weather Portable Generator Cover by GenTent

Champion is one of the best generator sellers in the market. Their generator enclosures also offer high-quality performance.

It comes with a self-attaching design, which makes it easy to set up. The large fueling door gives easy access to the gas tank. It can withstand winds up to 70mph, rain 12 inches per day, and a snow load of 18 inches.

Dimensions (in): ‎36 x 24 x 18

Weight (lbs): 4.4

Materials: Fiberglass & vinyl

Best fit: 3000W – 10000W

Things we liked

  • Well structured: Its tool-less installation design and overall structure make the generator enclosure convenient to use.
  • Sturdy materials: Both the frame and then the fabric is sturdy enough to offer a satisfying performance.
  • Free lifetime technical support: It comes with one year warranty and lifetime technical support for free. If you face any problem, give them a call, and they will help you in every way possible.

Things need improvement

  • Overpriced: Compared to the other options available in this budget, this one seems overpriced.

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ZTTXL Small Inverter Generator Tent Running Cover, Ultra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Enclosure

ZTTXL Small Inverter Generator Tent Running Cover

If you have a small-sized portable generator, then ZTTXL Small Inverter Generator Tent will be the most cost-effective option for you. Its high-quality tarpaulin cover keeps the generator safe from rain and other environmental hazards.

The unique design of the cover roof ensures that no water gathers on the top. It comes with four nylon ropes and a ground nail to keep it in its place.

Dimensions (in): 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.59

Weight (lbs): 6.32

Materials: Steel & tarpaulin

Best fit: 1000W – 2300W

Things we liked

  • Reduces noise: Besides protecting from bad weather, it also reduces generator noise a little bit.
  • High-grade tarpaulin: The cover is made with high grade tarpaulin that works perfectly.
  • Affordable: It comes in at a lower price than most other generator enclosures in the market.

Things need improvement

  • Weak frame: The frame material seems weak and needs improvement.

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ZTTXL Generator Tent Running Cover, Ultra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Enclosure

ZTTXL Generator Tent Running Cover, Ultra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Enclosure

Another good quality generator enclosure from ZTTXL, but this one is for larger portable generators. It surrounds and seals the generator from every angle, which protects the generator and reduces noise.

The ceiling and the surround can be open and closed to get access to different parts of the generator. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or storming, ZTTXL Running Cover can protect your generator in every weather condition.

Dimensions (in): 3.94 x 3.94 x 0.59

Weight (lbs): 7.39

Materials: Stainless steel & tarpaulin

Best fit: 3500W – 12000W

Things we liked

  • Weatherproof cover: The tarpaulin cover works completely fine in bad weather and keeps your generator in good condition.
  • Ventilation: The ventilation system is good, which prevents your generator from getting excessive heat.

Things need improvement

  • Tough to Assemble: The assembling process is complicated and tougher than other enclosures.

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Suncast 5′ x 3′ Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Shed

Suncast 5' x 3' Horizontal Stow-Away Storage Shed

You can get a Suncast Storage Shed that is suitable for installing in the garden or lawn. No matter what the weather condition is, it is a perfect enclosure to protect your generator.

This generator enclosure is not designed to carry around. If you need an enclosure that you will seldom move, then it’s a great choice.

Dimensions (in): 44.25 x 70.5 x 53

Weight (lbs): 125

Materials: Polypropylene resin

Best fit: 1000W – 13000W

Things we liked

  • Security: It has a locking system that prevents the generator from being stolen.
  • Wide usage: You can also store other garden materials in the shed.
  • Lower noise: The shed seals the space completely, which helps reduce loud generator noise.

Things need improvement

  • Poor lid setup: The lid popped open in heavy wind. Adding a function that keeps the lid in its place will be helpful.

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Lifetime 60103 Deck Storage Box, 80 Gallon, Desert Sand/Brown

Lifetime 60103 Deck Storage Box

If you are looking for a portable storage box that works well as a generator enclosure, then you will love the Lifetime Deck Storage Box. Most medium-sized portable generators will fit perfectly in this rectangular-shaped enclosure.

The lid spring hinge is greater than 90°, which prevents slam shut. It also has molded handles for moving the box easily.

Dimensions (in): 39 x 24 x 26

Weight (lbs): 37.2

Materials: Polyethylene

Capacity: 80 Gallons

Things we liked

  • Value for money: Considering the value it is providing, such as quality material, portability, and dry interior, the price is pretty reasonable.
  • Good build quality: The plastic material is sturdy, and the overall build quality is pretty durable.
  • Locking system: It comes with a lock system to ensure proper security. 

Things need improvement

  • Drilling required: You may need to make a few holes with a drill during assembling.

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Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed

 Rubbermaid Small Horizontal Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, Olive and Sandstone

Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Shed is an excellent enclosure to keep any small to medium-sized portable generators. It uses a double-layer wall construction to make it sturdy.

You can keep the box anywhere you want around your house. Its good build quality ensures that your generator stays in good condition in harsh weather. 

Dimensions (in): 63.5 x 48.75 x 13.06

Weight (lbs): 49.7

Materials: Wood, resin, and metal

Things we liked

  • User-friendly construction: The size is perfect and includes poles to keep the lid up while adding fuel. Overall, the structure and the construction are user-friendly.
  • Easy to install: If you have installed any storage before, you can set up this one without even seeing the manual.
  • Weatherproof: The plastic material is pretty good, and double-layer wall construction makes it perfect for outdoor usage.

Things need improvement

  • User manual: The assembling instructions in the user manual are not well written.

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Why is it important to enclose a portable generator?

Some of the reasons why it is important to enclose a portable generator are:

Provides protection

Portable generators are mainly for outdoor usage. When you take the generator in open places, it is susceptible to various risks.

Rain, snowfall, hurricane, and heavy wind are some of the common problems that can hurt the generator. Luckily, an enclosure will provide protection in these situations.

You can take the generator while hunting, camping, boating, or on a picnic. Enclose the generator, and it will be safe.

Reduces noise

Loud noise from the generators is disturbing and it can change your fresh mood. Your neighbors may also get disturbed due to the loud noise of your generators. 

A good quality enclosure can be an excellent alternative to reduce the sound. Not all enclosures are made in such a way, so you need to be careful when choosing a generator enclosure.

Increase life expectancy

A generator’s life expectancy mainly depends on the quality of the engine. But you need to take good care of it to get the maximum lifetime.

Generator enclosures can keep the engine of your generator in good condition as a result, you can expect it to last longer. 

Keep your generator clean

Keeping your generator clean is essential to maintain its optimum performance. But dust, dirt, and mud are all around us, and they can make your generator dirty.

An enclosure covers the generator from every side. It prevents dust from getting on the generator. That’s why it is essential to use an enclosure to keep your generator clean. 

Is there a difference between an enclosure and a tent?

A generator enclosure and a tent are both almost the same thing, with some minor differences. You can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Tents are usually made of high-quality fabric and are weatherproof. They necessarily do not help you to reduce generator noise.

Enclosures, on the other hand, provide sound protection to some extent. Most enclosures will cover the generator from every angle.

What Should You Look for in a Portable Generator Enclosure?

Are you looking forward to buying a portable generator enclosure, but not sure what factors to consider?

Here is a list of the top things to look for in a portable generator enclosure:


Cost is a key factor in buying a generator enclosure as you may have a fixed budget. Most good quality portable generator enclosures cost around $100-$200.


Look for weatherproof materials that can withstand harsh weather and do not fade or rust. Tarpaulin, vinyl, and plastic are some of the common materials used in generator enclosures.


You need to check the size closely as the wrong size won’t fit your generator. Check the item dimensions, which should be a little larger than the size of your generator.


The choice will also vary depending on where you will use the enclosure. Most enclosures are portable, and you can carry them anywhere you want. Some of them are also designed to be installed in gardens and lawns only. 


On what surface you will keep the generator is also crucial. Here surface refers to concrete, grass, dirt, and gravel. Some enclosures will directly contact the ground, while others will be framed on top of the generator.


Your local climate is a crucial factor in selecting the best generator covers or enclosures. Check the container materials if they can withstand the weather of your area.


Try to select an enclosure that allows your generator easy access to electricity. Check if the enclosure has different options to open up or not.


Not all portable generator enclosures are made to reduce noise. If loud noise is your main problem, then try to get a sturdy and high-quality enclosure that prevents sounds from getting out of the box.


Security is also a factor to consider while choosing a generator enclosure. Security basically falls into two categories:


It’s obvious that you should check the materials to see if they are waterproof. If not, try to avoid that enclosure as it can cause a malfunction in the generator.


Some portable generators also come with locking features. You can lock in the generator to prevent theft or stealing.

After you have decided what you want, you can move on to checking different options and selecting the best enclosure for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Can I cover the running generator enclosure?

Running a generator in bad weather conditions can cause accidents. You can cover a running generator with an enclosure to protect it. Ensure that there is enough space inside for proper air circulation so that the generator can run smoothly.

Can I put a generator in a vented generator shed?

You must use a generator shed that has proper ventilation. It is not safe to put a generator into a shed without any facility for air circulation. The main reason is that running generators in such enclosed places can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which leads to fire and burns hazards.

Is a microfab portable generator enclosure good?

Microfab’s portable generator enclosures are of good quality and get the job done. They protect the generator from harsh weather conditions well. Some other good-quality portable generator enclosure brands are IGAN, Rubbermaid, and ZTTXL.

Can I run a generator in the rain or snow using a generator tent?

You can run a generator in the rain or snow only when you are using a generator tent or cover. Water and snow can defect the generator. Make sure that the tent materials are waterproof and can withstand heavy rain and loads of snow.


You can choose any of the ten best portable generator enclosures we have mentioned above. All of them are of excellent quality but you can choose the best one depending on your requirements.

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